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Becoming A Sponsor

The 2008 Toronto International Goan Convention needs donations. Do get your friends and yourself to help! We're sure you won't mind us repeating below what we and our Konkani friends worldwide have been gently whispering...

Appeal Letter

Individual Donor form

The 2008 Toronto International Goan Convention is a historic event with an extensive and far-reaching agenda. While we are fortunate to have an exceptionally motivated group of volunteers who are very generously putting in a lot of time and energy into this endeavor, there is also the need for fairly substantial amounts of money to fund the activities and services at the Convention. This is Your Event and only your generosity can make it happen!
Registration fees paid by the delegates cover only a part of the expenses. The largest expenditures are for venue rentals, food, printing, communication, transport and entertainment ancillaries(all voluntary, no paid performers). The shortfall is usually covered by generous donors and sponsors, publishing a souvenir on the occasion, and from the rental of a few exhibition booths at the venue.

You can help in many ways. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Donations: Donations of any amount, large and small, are welcomed and gratefully acknowledged by the Convention. Past Conventions have been largely possible due to the generosity of some major donors who have carried the Convention on their backs. These successful people have had the commitment to support an endeavor which celebrates their heritage, and to them we are always grateful. We are confident that they will continue their valuable support. If you would like to make a donation, or if you can encourage others to donate, please ensure that the cheque, in US or Canadian funds, is mailed to the address at the bottom of this page. We will also be happy to discuss special arrangements for larger donors on a case by case basis. All donations will be acknowledged (see the Schedule attached) and receipts will be issued for all donations.
  2. Volunteers for fund raising: We need individuals who can go to our community, as well as to our international friends to solicit donations in different forms for the Convention. If you are willing to commit a small amount of your time to calling friends and encouraging them to donate, your invaluable help will be acknowledged at the Convention. Please contact or Ben Antao at (416) 225-9047; (416) 250-8885; and we will be happy to assist you in this matter, or send in your donation checks made to
    c/o Ben Antao,
    18 Geraldton Crescent (Finch & Leslie) Toronto, Ont. M2J 2R6.
  3. Advertisements: The Convention will be publishing a Souvenir  printed on glossy paper and distributed to over 15,000 delegates at the Convention. This is a tremendous opportunity for advertisers to reach out to a vast group of individuals and households all over the world with above average income levels. If you or anyone you know would like to utilize this exciting medium to reach out to this affluent market, do contact us. In the past, people have used the Souvenir with considerable success. For Souvenir Advertisements contact  or please contact Ben Antao at  (416) 225-9047; (416) 250-8885;
  4. Exhibition: An exhibition will be held at the Convention and details are available by clicking here. Please use the exhibition to promote your products or services.

Some of the celebrated Goans who will be addressing the 2008 Goan Convention:

GNAT President's Message:
We've got a world-class team! You'll get a world-class event. Welcome!

GNAT President: Francis Rodrigues

Convention Director's Message:
On behalf of the 2008 Convention Committee, welcome to the beautiful city of Toronto. Our GIANT theme: 'Goan Identity And Networking Today.'

Convention Director: Dr. Kevin Saldanha

Event Coordinator's Message:
We've assembled the finest group of international celebrities, to give you an unforgettable event. Welcome!

Event Coordinator: Lisette Saldanha

Ben Antao Marinella Proença Cecil Pinto Cornel Dacosta Victor Rangel-Ribeiro Ethel Da Costa Fred Noronha Walter Tavares Silviano Barbosa Tony Fernandes Wendell Rodricks Bosco D'Mello Helga R. Gomes George Pinto Roland Francis Ruth De Souza Mervyn Lobo Rene Barreto Filomena Giese Rajan Parrikar Alex Fernandes John J. D'Souza Zulema De Souza Herman Carneiro Tony D'Souza Troy De Souza Dean D'Cruz Victor Martins Jr. Menezes Joaquim Goes