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2008 International Goan Convention Programme.

The dynamic layout for this historic Convention consists of workshops, seminars, exhibitions, presentations, discussions, debates and forceful action-plans on all facets of classic Goan heritage, the emergence of a new Goan identity, plotting our future and birthing a collective will to finally tackle and eradicate perennial problems at home by the marshalling of the diaspora abroad.

These will include the environment, economy, arts, civil rights, tourism, education, technology and the urgent need for good governance to safeguard our great heritage. Whilst Goa has returned today to the fold of the Hindu frame from whence we transited five centuries ago, we welcome for the first time a closer examination of our Latin heritage from the Portuguese occupation, by international scholars from around the world.

This Convention is historic in that Goans and their international guests are brainstorming not for 'discussion-making', but decision-taking! All participants in each seminar will work swiftly to produce an exhaustive White Paper, that will seek to be forcefully actioned within a strict time-frame. To give 2 examples:

Around this main focus of the Convention, besides trade stalls and exhibitions, we have scheduled a number of uniquely popular public events particularly for the diaspora, multiculturalism, the media and our international guests.

Included are an International Goan Idol, Wendell Rodricks fashion show, Superhit Tiatro, a Grand Convention Ball, scenic trips to popular attractions like Casinorama/Niagara Falls, and International Mando Festival Mando Festival, all in five magical days, 23-27 July, 2008.

The PROGRAMME overview:

The 2008 Toronto International Goan Convention will be inaugurated on Wednesday, 23rd July by the Hon. NRI Commissioner, Government of India, Shri Eduardo Faleiro, in the presence of the Consul-General of India, the Indian Ambassador to Canada, and other dignitaries from both the Governments of Canada and India.

Details of the program are overleaf.




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Some of the celebrated Goans who will be addressing the 2008 Goan Convention:

GNAT President's Message:
We've got a world-class team! You'll get a world-class event. Welcome!

GNAT President: Francis Rodrigues

Convention Director's Message:
On behalf of the 2008 Convention Committee, welcome to the beautiful city of Toronto. Our GIANT theme: 'Goan Identity And Networking Today.'

Convention Director: Dr. Kevin Saldanha

Event Coordinator's Message:
We've assembled the finest group of international celebrities, to give you an unforgettable event. Welcome!

Event Coordinator: Lisette Saldanha

Ben Antao Marinella Proença Cecil Pinto Cornel Dacosta Victor Rangel-Ribeiro Ethel Da Costa Fred Noronha Walter Tavares Silviano Barbosa Tony Fernandes Wendell Rodricks Bosco D'Mello Helga R. Gomes George Pinto Roland Francis Ruth De Souza Mervyn Lobo Rene Barreto Filomena Giese Rajan Parrikar Alex Fernandes John J. D'Souza Zulema De Souza Herman Carneiro Tony D'Souza Troy De Souza Dean D'Cruz Victor Martins Jr. Menezes Joaquim Goes