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We have received an amazing amount of support from celebrated Goans in all spheres and walks of life, who would like to participate, moderate, chair and oversee all areas of achievement in the 2008 International Goan Convention!

At the present time, as they are too numerous to mention, we are still collating all the noted alumni, and will keep you updated as different disiplines are sectioned. For the moment, to give you an idea of the world-class talent we are attracting, suffice it to merely mention for example in the 'Language and Literature' section, already half a dozen internationally celebrated Goan authors are already registering, e.g.
Ben Antao, Silviano Barbosa, Victor Rangel-Ribeiro, Tony D'Souza, etc!

Victor Rangel-Ribeiro, Creative Writing Workshop Leader:

Victor Rangel-Ribeiro began his professional writing career in Bombay in 1945, and has been writing ever since. His short stories and features have appeared in the United States and in the Indian press, in Goan publications such as The Navhind Times, Govapuri, and the Goan Observer, and in the Penguin anthology Ferry Crossing. In the US his work has appeared in three top literary journals: the Iowa, North American, and Literary Reviews. He was awarded the New York Foundation for the Arts Fiction Fellowship in 1990, and the Milkweed National Fiction Prize for his novel, Tivolem, in 1998.This celebrated novel about life in a quiet Goan village has been acclaimed by Booklist as one of the twenty notable first novels published in the US that year. A short story collection, Loving Ayesha, was published in India in 2003.

Rangel-Ribeiro has taught writing in New York and conducted workshops there and in Mumbai and Goa; in 2002 he also conducted a week-long workshop on the island republic of Mauritius at a Presidential commission’s request. He serves on the editorial board of the South Asian Review and has for several years been on the online international creative writing faculty of Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey. A member of American MENSA, the high-IQ society, Victor is the only Goan author to be written up and critiqued in depth in two major encyclopedias on writers: South Asian Novelists in English, and South Asian Writers in English, both published by Greenwood Press, Conn., USA.

Wendell Rodricks
Victor Martins - Goan Music Workshop:

The brilliant and innovative jazz pianist, Victor Martins, will anchor the Convention's Goan Music workshop. A gifted artist and virtuoso performer, Victor has performed professionally as a solo artist in over 17 countries worldwide to great acclaim. His jazz arrangements of the Goan classics are peerless. Born five decades ago in Mumbai, India, both Victor and his elder sister took to the piano like ducks to water, at a very young age, blossoming under the late Prof. P.J. Saldanha. Their father was the talented trumpeteer Gabriel Manuel Martins, who performed and recorded with the creme de la creme of top Indian Music - the teenage Victor even accompanying his father on the piano in vintage Alfred Rose and Chris Perry recordings.

Both very talented and competitive siblings, Victor and his sister passed the highest Trinity London Music exams, shattering all records before them, and winning every

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Some of the celebrated Goans who will be addressing the 2008 Goan Convention:

GNAT President's Message:
We've got a world-class team! You'll get a world-class event. Welcome!

GNAT President: Francis Rodrigues

Convention Director's Message:
On behalf of the 2008 Convention Committee, welcome to the beautiful city of Toronto. Our GIANT theme: 'Goan Identity And Networking Today.'

Convention Director: Dr. Kevin Saldanha

Event Coordinator's Message:
We've assembled the finest group of international celebrities, to give you an unforgettable event. Welcome!

Event Coordinator: Lisette Saldanha

Ben Antao Marinella Proença Cecil Pinto Cornel Dacosta Victor Rangel-Ribeiro Ethel Da Costa Fred Noronha Walter Tavares Silviano Barbosa Tony Fernandes Wendell Rodricks Bosco D'Mello Helga R. Gomes George Pinto Roland Francis Ruth De Souza Mervyn Lobo Rene Barreto Filomena Giese Rajan Parrikar Alex Fernandes John J. D'Souza Zulema De Souza Herman Carneiro Tony D'Souza Troy De Souza Dean D'Cruz Victor Martins Jr. Menezes Joaquim Goes