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The International Goan Convention, July 23rd-27th 2008
University of Toronto-Mississauga Campus

The objectives of this convention are two-fold:

  1. To foster a sense of Goan identity in the diasporic community, specially the youth, some of whom may be second or third generation removed from Goa.
  2. To create an awareness for the state of affairs in Goa currently and how the Diaspora may help in achieving sustainable growth and development at home.

We hope to achieve these goals through two main components - workshops and presentations. Several interactive workshops will allow participants to experience the Goan culture and traditions of cuisine, music, drama and language. Other contemporary workshops will focus on fashion design and writers craft, both with a Goan emphasis. The presentations are designed to inform the community of what is happening in Goa today, and how this may affect Goans abroad. One environmental workshop will elucidate how the current global changes will affect the local Goan ecology and how we can all work to mitigate its threat.

WORKSHOPS - July 23rd to 25th.

Traditional culture
The Konkani language workshop, including a discussion on Goan Cuisine will recognize that our seniors are the custodians of information related to our heritage, traditions and culture. This richness will be forever lost if not passed on to the younger generations. Keeping this in mind this workshop will be led by seniors with the following content:

  1. The Konkani workshop will impart basic conversational Konkani to the attendees.
  2. Goan cuisine will be discussed during this workshop.

Goan Identity Workshop (for youth)
The "Identity Workshop" will be facilitated by Christine Pinto and Ranvir Jangi, who are both experienced facilitators who specialize in this area. This workshop is designed to initiate a discussion with second and third generation youth to help them clarify what they mean when they identify themselves as Goans, but are unable to explain the historical or cultural framework of that identity.
The workshop will address the age-old question that plagues all generations that have been removed from the homeland, namely, "What does being a Goan mean to me?"

Contemporary culture
The Fashion Design workshop and the Writers craft workshop will serve to inspire attendees to pursue their ambitions in non-traditional careers in the arts.

  1. The Fashion workshop will be led by Wendell Rodricks, the internationally acclaimed fashion designer, who will deliver a three day workshop to interested participants.
  2. The Writers workshop will be led by Victor R Ribeiro, an internationally published author (his novel, Tivolem, has been very well received) and attendees will also have exposure to other well known published authors.The Environmental Workshop will be hosted  by Dr. Helga R. Gomes and Dr. Joaquim Goes, internationally renowned Environmental scientists who will deliver a workshop on one of the globe’s “hottest” subjects.  Clinton Vaz will put their concerns into a local context for the participants.
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Some of the celebrated Goans who will be addressing the 2008 Goan Convention:

GNAT President's Message:
We've got a world-class team! You'll get a world-class event. Welcome!

GNAT President: Francis Rodrigues

Convention Director's Message:
On behalf of the 2008 Convention Committee, welcome to the beautiful city of Toronto. Our GIANT theme: 'Goan Identity And Networking Today.'

Convention Director: Dr. Kevin Saldanha

Event Coordinator's Message:
We've assembled the finest group of international celebrities, to give you an unforgettable event. Welcome!

Event Coordinator: Lisette Saldanha

Ben Antao Marinella Proença Cecil Pinto Cornel Dacosta Victor Rangel-Ribeiro Ethel Da Costa Fred Noronha Walter Tavares Silviano Barbosa Tony Fernandes Wendell Rodricks Bosco D'Mello Helga R. Gomes George Pinto Roland Francis Ruth De Souza Mervyn Lobo Rene Barreto Filomena Giese Rajan Parrikar Alex Fernandes John J. D'Souza Zulema De Souza Herman Carneiro Tony D'Souza Troy De Souza Dean D'Cruz Victor Martins Jr. Menezes Joaquim Goes